Here are some of the things that people say about getting treatment from our acupuncturists:

“Thanks for all you’ve done so far.  I don’t know what else would have got me through with such grace.”

“Everything from the welcoming cup of tea, through the aesthetic of the screened beds to the stunningly effective treatments is just perfect.  Made better still by the heartwarming ethic of accessibility for the whole community and the genuinely practical way that has manifested.  Thank you for being here, long may you remain.”

“I have been suffering with pain in my lower back for close to two years. The GP could not help but gave me some anti-inflammatorys, which I was reluctant to take but took the edge off the pain. Eventually a friend recommended Graeme. During the second treatment I could feel my back start to uncoil and relax. I have never had anything like it, he just seemed to know where it was tight and painful. It took more treatments to resolve years of heavy work and abuse but now I feel great and see Graeme to maintain my body and support energy levels.”

“The practitioners at Source Point have been helping me through a period of time which is tough going both physically and emotionally. Not only have I felt significantly aided by the treatments, I have also felt genuinely cared for in a very real way. I am hugely grateful that I can access this treatment, thanks due to the sliding scale pay scheme.”

“Highly recommended!”

“The treatment at Source Point has been excellent and I experienced almost immediate improvement in my symptoms. The atmosphere in the room is calming, and sharing the space with other patients does not detract from this. I would recommend Source Point to anyone.”

“I wanted to thank you for an excellent treatment. Receiving acupuncture has made such a big difference to my health and really changed things for me. I feel much stronger and more myself. Thank you so much for helping me.”

“I had regular acupuncture with Graeme throughout the 3rd trimester of my pregnancy and in the months following the birth of my son. I found this extremely beneficial. On a physical level the acupuncture supported my body as it went through the huge changes of late pregnancy and then birth. It helped to relieve tension and pain in my upper back and strengthen weakness in my lower back. Emotionally the acupuncture sessions helped to steady my mood and allowed me to understand the myriad feelings and emotions around birth and becoming a mother.”