Source Point Community Acupuncture grew out of a need, or a set of needs:

  • Our need to offer treatment to those in society who could benefit from acupuncture the most, but can’t afford it
  • A national need for new forms of treatment (or very old forms, depending on how you look at them) to address the health crises that our country, like most industrialized countries, find itself in
  • And finally the need of the rural Dartmoor community to have access to affordable treatments in the same way that city folk do

We are part of the Community Acupuncture Movement.  This form of multibed treatment – which is how acupuncture has always been practiced in Asia – has been making a comeback in recent years with many clinics popping up in large towns and cities throughout the UK, America, Canada and Australia.  In the UK the multibed model was first used at the Gateway Clinic in London in the late 1980’s.  Though very popular – with waiting lists of up to 9 months –  this style of acupuncture, where the acupuncturist is looking after more than one person at a time to reduce cost and increase accessibility, was not replicated until the early 2000’s where the Dragon Project in Brighton took up the baton.  Now there are well over 50 clinics in the UK offering this service and making acupuncture accessible for all.

A number of our team members and locums are experienced in multi-bed practice, which is a great asset to Source Point.  Graeme worked at the Gateway Clinic for a number of years in the early 2000’s and has seen the strengths of working in this way first hand.  Pippa, one of our locums and former team member, has worked at a number of low-cost multi-bed clinics, including Hove Community Acupuncture and Lewes Community Acupuncture.  She has volunteered with the Dragon Project and currently works at The People’s Acupuncture Project in Exeter.

As a rural multi-bed clinic, Source Point is something a bit special.  We live on and love Dartmoor, and it felt wrong to leave the green hills behind us.  We recognize that the need in our rural community is just as strong as the need in urban environments.  After all, us country dwellers also have pain, stress, difficulty conceiving, skin conditions, problems sleeping, tiredness, anxiety, stress and so on…  We also have low income or high outgoings and can’t afford the things we need.  So why should we all travel out of our environment to get our medical needs met at reasonable prices?  The upshot is that we don’t think you should, so we have set up a clinic for you in your local vicinity, accessible for all on the moor.

Source Point is here for our community.  Come along and see what we’re up to, whether you’d like a free ear acupuncture treatment, a full treatment appointment, or just to have a cup of tea and to find out more about how acupuncture can help you and your family thrive…