Chinese Herbal Medicine uses natural herbs to heal and bring balance and harmony to the body and mind. There are over 8000 herbs and many thousands of classical combinations in the Chinese Herbal Medicine Pharmacopoeia.

Chinese herbs consist of leaves, flowers, roots, fruits, seeds, barks and resins.  NO ANIMAL PARTS OR ENDANGERED SPECIES ARE USED IN THE PRESCRIPTIONS.

Each herb has specific medicinal characteristics and actions upon the body to treat disease and they work together in a formula by restoring harmony within the body by treating the cause as well as the symptoms of the disorder.

Herbal Formulas typically consist of several herbs (usually 8-12) which act together. This is one of the main strengths of Chinese Herbal Medicine (over other herbal systems) as these combinations have been shown to exert a stronger effect than single herbs taken alone.

The herbal treatment prescribed will generally be in the form of pharmaceutical grade concentrated herbal granules which dissolve easily in hot water, though sometimes dried herbs may be prescribed for teas or decoctions. You will be advised on how much/how long to take the prescription for and how many times a day to take it.

The cost of the herbs may vary slightly according what is in the formula but a weeks supply will typically cost around £15.

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