Do I need something wrong with my ears to get Ear Acupuncture?

No, ear acupuncture can treat many conditions. In the same way that acupuncture points far away from the site of a pain can treat it, points on the ear can be used for treating ailments anywhere in the body. It is an easy and quick treatment that is particularly good at reducing your pain or stress levels.

The way we do ear acupuncture is to use a protocol, which just means that everyone gets the same treatment of 5 needles in one or both ears, compared to the individually tailored treatments of the full body acupuncture. This means you don’t need a first consultation or diagnosis – you can just sit down and relax and let the needles do the work, for free. Sound good?

Why should I come for a free Ear Acupuncture session?

Ear Acupuncture (also known as Auricular Acupuncture) has been used a lot for drug rehabilitation. This does not mean you need to be or have been an addict to receive it, but it does mean that it is very good at dealing with the effects of withdrawal, namely: pain, stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia, low energy, etc. If you suffer from any of these or other stress related conditions then come and get some free ear acupuncture!

Many people find it a useful way to relax; such as if you are a sleep-deprived mother or father with young children, have a busy job, are trying to give up smoking or find it difficult to unwind. Many people also like to come for their full body acupuncture treatment 30 minutes early to receive an ear treatment first to help prepare for the full treatment, so that they’re really relaxed by the time they’re on the couch. If you have time, why not try it – after all, it’s free!

Do I need an appointment to come for an ear acupuncture treatment?

No – just come along and get a free treatment whenever you like. It really is that simple.

What will happen when I come for ear acupuncture?

When you arrive at Source Point, you’ll enter a reception space that is screened off from the main treatment area. If you take a seat, one of the acupuncturists will come over to you to say hello and see how they can help. If you let them know that you’d like to receive ear acupuncture they will give you an information form to read and sign and ask you to pop your name on the day’s ear acupuncture register. Once you’ve done this, the acupuncturist will return and put 5 tiny needles in one or both ears depending on your wishes. You can then sit there for as long as you wish: we recommend 20-40 minutes. Once you are ready to go, catch the eye of an acupuncturist, who will come over and remove the needles. You are then ready to go on your way!

On subsequent visits you’ll only need to fill in the day’s ear acupuncture register.

This service is completely free of charge. Please come and use it as often as you like – and tell all your friends about it!